About Our Founder

Artisan Web Design's founder Dennis Bolling has been involved with the arts, design, technology, and business fields his entire life, and he has accumulated over 25 years of business, technical and artistic experience on his own. His experience has covered a wide range of specialty fields that has included educational institutions, live theater, information technologies, product research and development, and most forms of artistic expression.

In the mid-1980's he was involved in founding a product research and development partnership called Mine, Yours & Ours, that successfully served a range of clients that included independent inventors, a startup computer magazine (now called 'Computer Edge'), a sizable biomedical corporation, electronics component manufacturers, and a large housing developer. Their specialty was that they were not specialists, they had the skills, knowledge and experience to take on an extremely diverse collection of clients.

He is an accomplished artist in hand-blown glass, jewelry and photography, and after venturing into web design, he found that it allowed him to combine his passions for artistic design and technology into a successful career. He's been building on that foundation ever since.


He is a member of:

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